Fur Storage and Summer Vacation
Your Furs will love it!

Our fur vaults are specially designed environments. Livingston’s offers “Fur Storage Plus”(FSP), premium fur cold storage services, to ensure that your garments are protected from summer heat, insects, mould, mustiness, and dust which can damage your precious furs. Our state-of –the –art “Airatized” refrigerated vaults are strictly humidity-controlled, which protects your fur from becoming dry and brittle, leading to ripping and tearing. We circulate this air directly to all parts of the vaults, ensuring that your fur will last many more years.

FSP also includes:

  • Free Inspection by our expert furriers
  • Free In-and-Out service upon your request
  • Free Pick-up and Delivery
  • Free evaluation of your garments for coverage in our care, and appraisal if we insure your fur at home
  • A full professional Appraisal service
  • Early payment Discount of 7%

“Can I store my fur at home — I have air conditioning. Isn’t a cedar closet a good place?”