Mink: Sheared, Reversible, or Classic


Sheared, Reversible

One of the newest looks in fur is the ultra-light sheared mink coat, or 7/8’s. The look is slim, sleek, subtle and sophisticated. And the quality and touch is always in the finest Livingston Quality.

Sheared Mink gives you the ultimate in luxury and versatility…yet it’s very low key! Our sheared styles are often lined with the finest of water-resistant taffeta or silk shells. These all-weather shells are lightweight and breathable. The sheared fur is light enough to be worn on the inside, for a casual everyday look, or reversed to the dressier fur-side.

“And you won’t believe the weights of these”, says Alan Livingston, and our customer’s agree.

Fitted, semi-fitted, and straight styles are ‘in’, and work for today’s lifestyles. Come in and try them on. They’re lighter than a cloth coat, and yet still warm, durable, and luxurious to wear, and velvety to touch. Beautiful!

Classic Mink

“There is nothing like a classic Mink coat”. ‘Glam’ still lives! Our minks are always elegant and timeless.

Today our finer qualities are even softer, and more lustrous. These garments are much lighter weight than they used to be. All of this is because we select from the finest pelts and styles, as well as use the latest processes.

And our styles are not like your grandmother’s coat! We also can design your Dream Coat from ‘scratch’, from our newest designs, or even from a photo of yours. You can select from the finest pelts available.